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Hey Momma! 

I’m Valerie…and that’s my husband and kiddos over there! I am an iPEC certified professional coach and the founder of The Unlimited Mom. I’ve also been called a little love-vitamin for your soul, a mindset magician and a motivational unicorn.

I’m a coffee-lover, sci-fi nerd, and extreme crafter, all mixed with a lot of brain science and little bit of woo.

I help women navigate their multi-passionate life from “I can’t even think straight!” to “I got this!”

Like you, I know the desire to be an amazing Mom to my kiddos, grow a thriving business and make a difference in the world.

I also know what it’s like to feel stuck, out of balance in my life, overwhelmed by responsibilities, confused as to why I didn’t feel more happy, guilty that I wasn’t living up to my own expectations, and frustrated over, well, everything.

My mission is to give stressed out entrepreneurial Moms the support and self-clarity they need to break self-defeating patterns and create the fulfilling, flexible, and fun life they desire.


When I first become a Mom, everything I didn’t 100% love in my life magnified a million times.

I had continually building resentment toward my husband. Work was both an escape and a source of stress. Despite friends, I felt isolated. 

Creating my life around "shoulds" left me feeling unfulfilled. I knew I couldn't be the mom I wanted to be by tolerating things that didn't provide me with joy. I wanted more from life, both for myself and my family. 

If this is you too, I want you to know that nothing is wrong with you and you are not alone. This is common for so many women but, while it is normal, I discovered that it’s not necessary.

By learning and implementing Core Energy Coaching, everything shifted for me. I found myself experiencing less stress, less guilt, increased energy, improved relationship with my husband, more enjoyment of my children, and enthusiasm in my life. I recognized my own unlimited potential and gained the confidence to step towards that potential. 

Once I saw the difference coaching could make, I knew I had to share it with other moms. This was the help I was looking for when I became a Mom, I just didn’t know where it was or that it was even possible!

I’m here to tell you: You deserve the amazing life you’ve dreamed of and I want to help you have it.


As a coach, I use a unique combination of Core Energy Coaching and mindset magic to empower you to own, create and love your life as an entrepreneur AND Mom.

My extensive training plus my gift of intuitive listening enables me to hear beyond your words and help you tap into the answers that are already inside of you. Working with me, you will always find a caring and judgment-free space totally focused on getting you where you want to be.

I am here for YOU, dedicated to helping you to BE the person you want to be, so you can have the life you want to live while making the difference you're here to make.

After I signed on with Valerie, I quickly noticed a HUGE shift in my patterns. If you want to break the patterns you hate, but don't know how, Valerie helps you understand the origin, unpack the pattern, and create a new one.

Tara Bosler (Creative Copy Coach & Business Strategist)

You CAN create an unlimited life.
Let's do this lady!