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About Me

Hey Momma!  I’m Valerie…and that’s my husband and kiddos over there! I am a certified professional coach, empowerment mentor, and the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of The Unlimited Mom.

I help women navigate Mom-Life from “I can’t even think straight!” to “I got this!”

Like you, I know the desire to be an amazing Mom to my kiddos and make a difference in the world.

I also know what it’s like to feel stuck, out of balance in my life, overwhelmed by responsibilities, confused as to why I didn’t feel more happy, guilty that I wasn’t living up to my own expectations, and frustrated over, well, everything.

That was me when I first became a Mom.

I’d wanted to be a Mom so much! I’d heard that life satisfaction dropped with parenthood but I figured that wouldn’t be true for me because I’d be an awesome Mom (everyone said so) and I had all the other pieces of life you were supposed to have: wonderful husband, house, lucrative career. I was managing my life quite well and, while there was plenty of room for improvement, having a baby would make it all come together.

I was wrong. Everything I didn’t 100% love in my life magnified a million times.

I had continually building resentment toward my husband. Work was both an escape and a source of stress. Despite friends, I felt isolated. If this is you too, I want you to know that nothing is wrong with you and you are not alone. This is common for so many Moms but, while it is normal, I discovered that it’s not necessary.

I didn’t want to just make it through each day. I wanted to thrive and give more to my family. I wanted help to move forward in this Mom-life.

By learning and implementing Core Energy Coaching, everything shifted for me. I found myself experiencing less stress, less guilt, increased energy, improved relationship with my husband, more enjoyment of my children, and enthusiasm in my life.

Once I saw the difference coaching could make in Mom-life, I knew I had to share this with you.
This was the help I was looking for when I became a Mom, I just didn’t know where it was or that it was even possible!

I’m here to tell you: You deserve the amazing life you’ve dreamed of and I want to help you have it.

As a coach, I use a unique combination of Core Energy Coaching and mentorship to empower you to own, create and love your life as a Mom, so you can be the example you want to be for your child.

My extensive training plus my gift of intuitive listening enables me to hear beyond your words and help you tap into the answers that are already inside of you. Working with me, you will always find a caring and judgment-free space, totally focused on getting you where you want to be. I am here for YOU, dedicated to helping you to be an unlimited and joyful Mom.

“Having worked with Valerie, I know she has a true gift for going beyond the surface of what you see. She guides her clients through the process of letting their inner light shine so they can live a more complete and authentic life.​”

Andrea F. (HR Professional)
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Your child and the world are waiting for your inspiration!
What are you waiting for?