Hey, there Momma. How ‘bout you warm up your coffee one more time and sit down for a minute.

Isn’t being a Mom amazing sometimes? Yet I know… too often it takes nearly everything out of you. But I want you to know something important. It doesn’t have to feel like that all the time.

I remember drowning in overwhelm after I became a Mom. Up until then, everything had been mostly, ya know, “according to plan.” I got married, established a lucrative career, bought a house, wanted a baby. It wasn’t perfect but I was managing my life pretty well!

After I had my first baby, everything kind of fell apart. 

I became the stereotype. It was a struggle to do anything out of the house, so I didn’t much. There was never enough time for everything I needed to do, let alone for me. My husband and I frequently bickered and I felt increasingly dissatisfied in my job. Honestly, I didn’t just feel like a bad Mom, I felt like I was failing at life.

While my story is unique, it is not uncommon. If this is where you are, know that I see you. Nothing is wrong with you, but you don’t have to stay there. I’m here to guide you, not on my path, but on yours. It’s time to take someone’s hand and take back your life, for yourself AND your family.


I’m Valerie…spiritual, creative, heart-centered, holistic and intuitive listener and certified life coach.

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I help moms learn how to live consciously and mindfully instead of reactively.

I help moms reconnect with their spirit so they can get out of survival mode, improve their relationships and increase their ability to create the life they want to live.

I help moms collaborate with their feelings instead of fight against them.

I help moms figure out what it means to lead their family with love instead of control.

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