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“Do you feel like you’re living your life on autopilot? Do you feel like you’re going crazy because you have too much going on, you feel out of balance in your life, and don’t know where to start in organizing your life? Then Valerie at The Unlimited Mom is the lady for you! It was wonderful getting to work with Valerie! She asks the difficult questions that get you to look within for answers to help you focus and guide you through the issue at hand. She has some useful tools to help ground you and clear your thoughts so that you can focus on how to get to the next step. With her guidance I was able to make a plan to prioritize, de-clutter, and become more balanced in my life. Valerie, THANK YOU!!”

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“Words can’t fully express my gratitude for Valerie during my Pregnancy journey. I started working with Valerie when I was just a few months pregnant… and we still talk weekly as I approach my 36th week. Every single week I have an “a-ha” moment of some sort and leave with an energized spirit as I approach the coming week. Valerie is incredibly insightful, thoughtful & patient. She knows just how to give you the space to share openly and freely…She knows just when to ask the right questions to go deeper… and she always seems to help guide me gently to hearing my own inner voice.


It’s been amazing to work with her from halfway across the country… The phone calls have definitely been enough to connect in an awesome way. I am truly so grateful to Valerie for being an incredible Empowerment Partner and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who wants to uncover their personal truth a bit better…or, find strength in their Motherhood Journey… or…grow a bit more… or…just get a little more in touch with their inner light. Without a doubt, I will continue to work with Valerie as I find myself well into my journey as a new Mom. I am so blessed to have her as a partner in my life.”

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“Valerie leverages her intuition to help you uncover what you really cannot see yourself.  Valerie has an uncanny gift for pushing you with just the right amount of persuasion resulting in positive change and an amazing experience. Valerie is so engaged and one of the best listeners I have encountered – this enabled me to trust her and learn more about myself than I ever imagined.”

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“Having worked with Valerie, I know she has a true gift for going beyond the surface of what you see.  She guides her clients through the process of letting their inner light shine so they can live a more complete and authentic life.”

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I have had the pleasure of coaching with Valerie and she has incredible insight. I know that she really cares about helping to unearth the answers that are within me. She has been a huge help to me on my life journey!

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“I started working with Valerie when I was feeling overwhelmed with work and life in general. I needed help to organize my time in order to get everything done from going to the gym to deleting old emails. My sessions seemed to always come right at the perfect time, when I was feeling frustrated and stuck.

Each time Valerie helped me achieve a breakthrough and find clear solution to move forward. We ended up going to a place that was so unexpected, but helped me unlock a happier self that I didn’t know was there. Even after my sessions, I continue to use what I learned to keep from feeling overwhelmed again. Thank you Valerie!”